May 2013 Minutes

May 13, 2013

Meeting called to order by Vice President Todd Kirby, KK4CHT

Todd invited members present to introduce themselves and give their call sign.



Roll Call of Officers:

President: Joel Black, W4JBB not in attendance

Vice President: Todd Kirby, KK4CHT in attendance

Secretary / Treasurer, Michael Krueger, KI40XX not in attendance

Repeater Trustee: David Drummond, W4MD not in attendance



Membership:   Signed in on sign-in sheet.

            9 members in attendance





Old Business:

TARC radio equipment Insurance Policy has been renewed and Policy Packet is in the mail. When Policy is received a copy will be sent to David Drummond, Repeater Trustee for review and update.





New Business: No new business presented.







Treasures Report: by Michael Krueger, KI4OXX

Insurance Policy 1 year renewal for was paid, $132.00.

Status, 37 regular and 8 Family members for a total of 45 Paid memberships.


Checking Account, (Membership, Repeater and Memorial Funds) reconciled to current Bank Statement.     


Repeater Trustee / Net Manager: by David Drummond, W4MD

Equipment inventory update for Secretary / Treasurers file. Revised Inventory received and filed






Guest Speaker / Program for the Evening:

Wes Wyatt from FOX 6 is our featured speaker for tonight’s meeting. He will be giving a presentation on Severe Weather Preparedness.