Februay 2013 Minutes

February 11th, 2013

Meeting called to order by President Joel Black. W4JBB

Joel invited members present to introduce themselves and give their call sign.


Roll Call of Officers:

President: Joel Black, W4JBB, in attendance

Vice President: Todd Kirby, KK4CHT, absent

√Secretary / Treasurer, Michael Krueger, KI40XX, in attendance

√Repeater Trustee: David Drummond, W4MD, in attendance


Membership:             Signed in on sign-in sheet.


Old Business: none


New Business:

Reviewed topics of discussion at the February Board Meeting, minutes of the meeting are attached.

1.)    Membership, How to keep what we have, recruiting new members and bringing back old members.

2.)    Social Media, Facebook and Twitter.

3.)    PIO, Public Information Officer, David Mize was appointed and he will also manage the TARC social Media Accounts.

4.)    Field Day Chairman, June 22nd & 23rd. Justin Perry volunteered to be Chairman this year.

5.)    2013 Programs, Todd Kirby has listed some potential activities and Guest Speakers for the future Club Meetings.

It was also suggested that a mystery Amateur Radio Themed Prize be given away at future club meetings to entice member attendance. Prize Drawings will start in February; member must be in attendance to receive the Prize.


Secretary / Treasurer Report: by Michael Krueger, KI4OXX

Mike announced that 2013 TARC membership dues are being collected, 23 renewals have been received (19 regular and 4 family memberships) to date. Dues reminder e-mail will be sent out in February, sometime between the 15th to 28th as per TARC By-Laws.


TARC Bank account Balance’s are reconciled with one check out standing.


Repeater Trustee / Net Manager: by David Drummond, W4MD

David reported much has been done to identify the source of noise around the antenna location. Repeater is operating without the power amplifier and output power is around 30 watts. He also outlined a few options to remedy this problem, relocate antenna and or receiver location. At this time they are not feasible because of financial consideration.


He also mentioned the purchased Radio Equipment that was to be distributed to local hospitals has been held in storage for some time and the equipment has deteriorated and is in need of repair. This project needs to be completed.


David made mention that we should explore the idea of a TARC Emergency Co-ordinator who would set up and co-ordinate a Net during a Weather Event.


Guest Speaker / Program for the Evening:

Joel Black and Justin Perry pinch hit for Todd Kirby tonight and gave a presentation on the “Cheap Ham”. They demonstrated how cheap and easy it was to set up a mobile rig using a Hand Held Transceiver, remote speaker / microphone and a magnetic base antenna.

Also Justin shared some tips on using common around the house items to aide you while playing radio. Using post-it note arrow stickers to mark your favorite frequency on the dial while tuning up.and plastic bread wrapper tags to identify your cables.

Joel demonstrated a Radio Frequency Checker and Power Output Meter.


Mystery Prize, a Yasau Ball Cap awarded to David Drummond and Tape Measure Directional Antenna awarded to David Mize.