March 2013 Minutes

March 11, 2013

Meeting called to order by President Joel Black, W4JBB

Joel invited members present to introduce themselves and give their call sign.


Roll Call of Officers:

President: Joel Black, W4JBB, in attendance

√Vice President: Todd Kirby, KK4CHT, in attendance

√Secretary / Treasurer, Michael Krueger, KI40XX, in attendance

√Repeater Trustee: David Drummond, W4MD, in attendance


Membership:             Signed in on sign-in sheet.


Old Business:

DCH Regional, radio equipment that was purchased with a grant has been checked out and is ready to be installed at the hospital. David has been in contact with Paul Able to coordinate this installation. A work party will be formed and report to the hospital Saturday, March 16th at 10:00am. David will email participants with specific details on where to meet for this event.


New Business:

Alabama QSO Party is scheduled for May, watch the HamSay or check out our web site W4XI.ORG for details.


Treasures Report: by Michael Krueger, KI4OXX

Bank account balances where reviewed and accounts are reconciled.

Reviewed the current status of membership renewals, to date there have been 33 renewals, 28 regular and 5 family associate.

We will continue to distribute the HamSay via email to the paid membership.


Repeater Trustee / Net Manager: by David Drummond, W4MD

David reviewed the status of the 146.820 repeater; currently it is operating at 50 watts power output at the antenna. He is currently exploring options to increase the output power to 150 watts.

The TE Systems Amplifier proved to be very troublesome.

Also the new strobe light on the tower is causing some interference.


Guest Speaker / Program for the Evening:

Your local repeater, presented by David Drummond and Tommy Howell


David and Tommy started the presentation with a video history of our local towers and antennas. David narrated the video giving an informative and interesting dialog on the birth of TARC and noting the founders and supporters of Amateur Radio in Tuscaloosa.

David recounted how the first money raised for repeaters was from bake goods sales and repeater equipment was secured through the EMA.

Tonight’s drawings:

Ball Cap, Jay Claybrook, ARRL Wire Antenna Book, Vince Busche and the ARRL Handbook, Tre Wilson.