September 2013 Minutes

Meeting called to order by Vice President Todd Kirby, KK4CHT


Todd invited members present to introduce themselves and give their call sign.


Roll Call of Officers:

President: Joel Black, W4JBB not in attendance

Vice President: Todd Kirby, KK4CHT in attendance

Secretary / Treasurer, Michael Krueger, KI40XX in attendance

Repeater Trustee: David Drummond, W4MD not in attendance


Membership: Signed in on sign-in sheet.


Old Business:



New Business:


Mike Krueger reported that he received an email from Walt White informing us the Tashka Trail Race at Lake Lurleen has been re scheduled for January 18th 2014. There being no objections from the membership the date was accepted as a club function and placed on the calendar. Mike will contact Walt and inform him that we will support the race as we have in the past. He will also act as contact person for the club and update members on the race details.


Treasures Report: by Michael Krueger, KI4OXX


Mike informed the membership that all accounts are reconciled and there are no outstanding amounts.

He also mentioned that the Club information on the ARRL Web Site has been up-dated.


Repeater Trustee / Net Manager: by David Drummond, W4MD

Tommy Howell, KG4MPU, reported the repeater equipment is functioning well.

Guest Speaker / Program for the Evening: by Todd Kirby & Tommy Howell


Intro to SDR. (Software Defined Radio) was changed to EZ Capture DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting – Terrestrial)


Todd and Tommy gave an interesting video demonstration using a E-Z Capture dongle to see and hear frequency from 53 MHz to 2200 MHz (2.2GHz).

They also passed out an information sheet with an over view of the device and with a brief description of how it works and what you need to operate it. Also a Frequency of Interest list and other notable items.