February 2014 TARC Meeting Minutes

February 2014 Minutes:

Meeting called to order by President: Herb Champion, KG4BJF                                              

Members present:

President: Herb Champion, KG4BJF in attendance

Vice President: David Mize, KK4 HQT in attendance

Secretary / Treasurer, Michael Krueger, KI40XX in attendance

Repeater Trustee: David Drummond, W4MD in attendance


Mike informed the members that the insurance invoice for TARC Radio Equipment was received. The amount is $132.00, after a review it was determined to send a check for the renewal amount.


Also he commented that a post card for annual dues reminder needs to be sent out before the 1st of March as per Club By-Laws. After discussion it was suggested to review past membership rosters and compile list non-renewing members. Mike will complete this task.


Other areas of discussion:

  • Dues increase, some discussion, no further action to be taken.


  • David Drummond suggested that we return to a policy of providing a club roster for the membership. Mike will create and organize a database of club members and print a current roster for the membership.


  • Herb Champion questioned if we had a budget and what expenses the club has.

Three items that are current expenses are:

Web Site hosting                     $92.00             (approx.)

Radio Equipment Insurance   $132.00

Field Day Cost (food)                        $100.00           (approx.)

  • Repeater funding and new equipment purchases was discussed, David Drummond remarked that through the generosity of membership and bequeathed radio equipment that is sold for monies that are deposited into the Repeater Fund.

He also commented that top of his wish list is a new amplifier for the 146.820 machine.


  • Joel Black sent in a proposal for establishing a Digi Repeater in Tuscaloosa. David Drummond gave a brief review of what a Digi Repeater is and the cost to build one. After some discussion it was decided that this would be brought up at the next club meeting.


Some other topics that were discussed and decided to bring up to the membership at the next club meeting:


  • David Mize suggested to move the publishing of the Hamsay from monthly to quarterly, he said this would give him more time improve content and further develop the Multi-Media edition.


  • Seek a Field Say Chairman.
  • Query interest in Special Event Station and Fox Hunts.