Club Minutes March 10, 2014

Meeting called to order by President Herb Champion, KG4BJH

Herb invited members present to introduce themselves and give their call sign.


Roll Call of Officers:

President: Herb Champion, KG4BJH in attendance

√Vice President: David Mize, KK4HQT in attendance

√Secretary / Treasurer, Michael Krueger, KI40XX in attendance

√Repeater Trustee: David Drummond, W4MD in attendance



Membership:       Signed in on sign-in sheet.


Old Business:

                Herb reviewed the topics that were discussed at the last Board Meeting.

After some discussion motions were made and voted upon.


New Business:

  • Motion by David Drummond to change the publishing of the Hamsay from monthly to quarterly with the next edition to be published in April.

Seconded by Rusty Hoyt, motion called and passed.

  • Motion by Keith Hess to publish a current membership roster quarterly to be included or attached to the Hamsay.

Seconded by Cabiness, motion called and passed.


Herbasked for volunteers for Field Day Chairman, after some discussion Todd Kirby agreed to head up the committee. Rusty Lee and Mike Krueger offer their support as well.

It was mentioned that the past site that was used for field day may not be available this year. Todd will explore the issue and report back at the next meeting


Another topic that was discussed was whether to build a Digi Repeater, this was discussed and the consensus was there wasn’t any interest in doing it.


Treasures Report: by Michael Krueger, KI4OXX

Mike reported all accounts reconciled with one outstanding check of $132.00 for Equipment insurance.

Paid dues are a total of 27, regular and family memberships.


Repeater Trustee / Net Manager: by David Drummond, W4MD

David reported that the 146.820 machine was operating well. He also commented that there are still some lingering glitches with the Link Controller software.


David also asked for volunteers to call the Sunday Night Net. Herb mentioned how rewarding it was to call the net and encouraged members to give it a try.


Donations for the repeater fund are needed and they are the main source of funds to keep us on the air.


The Surprise drawing of the night was a HF Digital Handbook, won by Mike Krueger KI4OXX.


                Coming Events:


April Meeting, D-Star 101, presented by Tommy Howell and David Drummond

May Meeting, Sever storm preparedness, presented by Wes Wyatt.