Club Repeaters

TARC Sponsored Repeaters

W4XI (Analog)
146.820    –   118.8 PL   VHF
443.825    –   118.8 PL   UHF

W4KCQ (Digital) DStar
  146.605 – W4KCQ  C
444.075 – W4KCQ  B
1284.400 – W4KCQ  A

The Tuscaloosa Amateur Radio Club provides the above open” repeaters for your use.  Please use them to enjoy our hobby and communicate with your fellow hams.  When doing so it is suggested you exercise proper radio “etiquette” and be sensitive to other users right to use them as well.

The West Alabama Emergency Net meets every Sunday Night at 8:30 PM on 146.820 and 443.825.  Please join TARC as we would like to have you check into the WAEN.  We look forward to hearing you.

The D-Star System is up for your use.  If you have not been involved in D-star, educate your self on this mode of operation as it offers many new things.  A “gate way” is attached to this system and is linked into the “Alabama State D-Star Net” on Tuesday nights at 8:30 PM.  This provides a test of communications through out the state as well as North Flordia and Southern Mississippi.  Consider getting on D-Star and you will find out the exciting things this mode offers.

As TARC supports these repeaters, donations are welcome.  If you are not a member of TARC, we would like to have you as a member or if you use our repeaters, consider a donation so that we can continue to provide open repeaters for regular Amateur use.  Contributions can be made at any time to our Club Treasurer

TARC Repeater Trustee


Alabama HF Nets

  • Alabama Day-Net 3.965.0 – The Alabama Day-Net meets daily at 10 AM on 3.965.0.  There is an informal session that starts at 9:30 AM and is a great place to chat with the hams who are active on HF throughout the state.  Stop by and chat with a great bunch of hams.
  • Alabama ARES State Net  – The Alabama ARES State Net meets each Sunday at 2100 UTC (4 PM CDS) on 3.965.0.  The NCS is Mike Watkins, WX4AL, and check-ins are taken from ARES districts. All Emergency Coordinators (EC) are encouraged to check-in.
  • Alabama Emergency Net Mike (AENM) – The Alabama Emergency Net Mike meets daily at 23:30 UTC (6:30 CDS)  and Sunday mornings at 8 AM (1300 UTC) on 3.965.0 and is part of the National Traffic System (NTS). Check-ins are taken by Alabama Counties.

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