About TARC

Tuscaloosa Amateur Radio Club

Back when:

  • The hams of Tuscaloosa have been serving the community since 1931.
  • Back in the late 1950’s, the club was called the Voice of Dixie Keyclickers Association (V.O.D.K.A.).  Dues were 25 cents per month or $3.00 per year.
  • In 1955, 10 members participated in what is thought to be the first Field Day in Tuscaloosa at Chism’s Lake up Highway 171.
  • In January 1964, members voted to retain the name “Tuscaloosa Amateur Radio Club”.
  • In April 1964, the club named its club bulletin to “Yak Shack”.
  • In 1966, W4KCQ became the club call for TARC honoring Pat Ryan (SK), who was President of the club.


  • TARC has monthly meetings with great programs.
  • TARC membership is $20 single or $30 family for one year.
  • TARC has over 40 members.
  • TARC supports VHF and UHF repeaters on 146.820 and 443.825
  • TARC supports a D-Star repeater system on 146.605; 444.075, and 1284.4 with gateway.
  • TARC has a letter of agreement with DCH Health Systems and supports a communications center at DCH Northport.
  • TARC supports a weekly net called the West Alabama Emergency Net (WAEN).
  • TARC supports the EMA as well as other served agencies.
  • TARC supports and is actively involved in yearly Field Day exercises.
  • TARC supports its own web page.
  • TARC is involved in providing public service communications.
  • TARC has a second club call, W4XI, in honor of Dr. H. Gordon King (SK).
  • And most important, TARC is dedicated to preserving the “magic of radio” and the promotion of Amateur Radio which we call our hobby!